Wilhelm Blessing GmbH & Co. KG DesignProduction of special clamping devices

Wilhelm Blessing GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized company located in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, Germany, specialized in the design and production of customized
clamping devices.

We attach great importance not only to the production, but also to the continuous development of our products. We integrate and use new technical developments and test them extensively. Blessing has been able to register several domestic and foreign patents over the years.

Our product range include chucks with an outer diameter of up to 800 mm, power chucks, hydraulically operated chucks, fixtures for various welding processes and hydraulic cylinders. Our balancing fixtures are produced using the latest technology in compliance to European standards and ISO guidelines.

Satisfied customers
Years of experience

Blessing. Your reliable partner in the industry for over 80 years incrediblyrespecially

Reliable clamping tools

for high-precision machining.

The advantage for every potential customer: Blessing will provide you with the right clamping device for all your parts processing needs. This means you can rely on our heavy-duty clamping devices for high-precision machining over a long service life. We guarantee both reliable planning and minimal downtimes. Another indicator of our quality is the substantial savings you can achieve throughout the product life cycle, which is reflected in low unit costs.

We work together

as partners on every job

As a customer of Blessing, you can always rely on us. From drawing up a tender to commissioning your special clamping device, we will always be there to support you. Our staff also provide fast and easy support if clamping device related downtimes do occur. Blessing also offers low-cost solutions for retooling clamping devices and helps you develop new production production processes.

A long-term partnership

based on core values

It is not surprising at all that Blessing is one of the world’s leading suppliers of special clamping devices. Based on our core values: we cultivate a spirit of trust in jointly developing useful and cost-effective solutions based on experience, honesty, integrity, trust and partnership. This results in long-term partnerships with world-renowned plant and equipment manufacturers.

Prerequisite for quality

“Made by Blessing”: Short distances, great competence, top service.

Without exception, Blessing clamping devices stand for quality “Made in Germany”. Our experienced specialists produce all the component parts for each solution on today’s latest high-precision machine tools. Project flexibility is quaranteed by close communication between design, production and assembly. You benefit from excellent quality that ensures very low unit costs across the entire product life cycle.

Great innovation depends on people

Excellence is only achieved in a team. That’s why every Blessing employee is fully committed to the quality of our services and our success. Innovative solutions and the ongoing development of all our products are the key to successful projects. This strength of our innovation is an elementary part of Blessing’s corporate culture Every day our employees actively participate in accomplishing this shared goal.

Experience custom service solution

Preventive maintenance solutions

There’s a motto in our industry that says the first device is bought by the
production planner; the second by maintenance. Blessing has been making
low-maintenance designs for a long time and offers preventive maintenance
solutions for every device.

Training courses

But Blessing offers more than clamping devices. Our in-house specialists also
train our customers in clamping device maintenance, repairs, set-up, assembly
and disassembly both at our company’s and customer’s location.

Guaranteed spare parts supply and repair

Sometimes you get stuck with obsolete components that are no longer available
on the market. This is not the case at Blessing. We repair all the products we have ever made even if they are decades old! Alternatively, you can purchase the
required spare parts made to the quality you have come to expect from Blessing.