Scale of a perfect Blessing solution: Your individual requirements


With two, three or more jaws, centric or compensating clamping or adapted to the given clamping contour. Multi-point clamping for deformation-sensitive components. Low-maintenance versions (long-term oil filling) upon request. Quick change systems for workpiece contacting parts are available.


For clamping in boreholes and on outside diameters, or with several clamping points.
With or without pull-down action.
Single row or multiple rows.
Can be combined with additional functions, such as planar clamping or balancing clamping jaws.


Maximum run-out and repeat clamping accuracy.
For horizontal and vertical balancing spindles.
Upon request: with additional functions, such as lifting and twisting units for eliminating any imbalance.


Cylinders with up to three independent pistons for power-operated chucks. Distributors with any number of channels. Media such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, blowing air or cooling lubricants can be combined. Sealed for low-speed devices, sealless for high-speed devices. Integrated stroke monitoring systems upon request.


Can be equipped for stationary use with any number of clamping, centring, alignment and damping functions. Available with integrated actuation units (hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical) upon request.


Can be used for all types of clamping jaws. For improved torque transfer without increasing the clamping force. A fast exchange solution. Standard sizes are available ex stock.

Basis of perfect Blessing solutions: DevelopmentDesignProduction

Blessing’s formula for success is the approach from development to the finished clamping device. This is usually based on a proven 3-phases concept.

3-phases concept in detail:
Phase One
Development: discussion of specifications and possible solutions
The customer specifies the workpiece and the processing steps. The resulting performance specifications are then discussed and used as a basis for developing the device.
Phase Two
Design of the clamping device in close cooperation with the customer
Blessing then develops the appropriate clamping device, either as a custom solution or as a perfectly adapted available design that may even be patented.
Phase Three
Production of the clamping device exclusively in Germany
Following customer approval, the device is then produced, assembled and tested. All production is based solely at our Nellingen and Sauldorf-Krumbach sites in Germany.